Infoart Privacy Policy

The Last Update Date : 10 July 2020

Your privacy is important to us. This privacy statement explains what personal data we collect from you and how we use them. We encourage you to read the following summaries and click "More Information" to learn more about a specific topic.

Product specific details provide additional information on specific Infoart products. This notice applies to the following Infoart products as well as other Infoart products for which this notice is displayed. References to Infoart products specified in this notice include Infoart services, websites, applications, software and devices.

Infoart Sports and Health Services

Infoart sports and health services can help you understand and manage your training and health services. These services include Worfact Band devices, Worfact Health and sports applications and other related services. Band helps you monitor your data such as heart rate and thump step. Worfact Health and sports application sends data to Infoart servers and allows you to manage and control that data. The application provides a channel for other applications in your phone to send notifications to the Band. Worfact is a personal health platform that allows you to collect, organise, add data, store and share your health and fitness health data online. You can share your health and sports and healthcare with your family, friends, students, personal coaches and health professionals.

Worfact Health and Sports

Worfact is a personal health platform that allows you to collect, organise, store and share your health and sports data, health and sports data online. With Worfact Health and Sport you can check your own health records.

Worfact Health and sports services collect and use your data to provide services, including the development and personalisation of your experience. Healthcare data that you provide to Infoart through Worfact Health and sports services will not be merged into other Infoart services or used for other purposes without your explicit consent. For example, Infoart will not use your healthcare provider to market or advertise without your consent to participate.

Worfact Health and Sports and Worfact Band

Worfact Health and Sports and the Worfact Band can help you understand and direct your health care. The data collected depends on the services you are using and the features included:

Profile Data. When you create a profile, you must enter data such as height, weight, and age to calculate your activity results.

Event and Fitness Data. The Worfact Band helps you monitor your activity and fitness by collecting data such as your heart rate, your steps, your calories and your sleep. Examples of activities you can choose to follow include running, exercising, and sleeping.

Usage Data. We automatically load your performance and statistics on Worfact Health and sports and Worfact Band performance and your use in order to provide you the best service.

Access and Control. You can view and manage your data in health and sports. For example, in Worfact Health and Sport you can view and update your profile data, manage linked applications, and view past events. You can remove specific activity details in health and sports practice. When you erase a specific event, the event is erased from the Worfact Health and sports service, whereas the basic sensor data captured by the devices is retained in the Worfact Health and sports service. You can cancel your health and sports account at any time.

Worfact Health and sports Account and Health Related Records. To create a new Worfact Health and Sports account, you need to enter your personal data such as name, date of birth, email address, postal code and country / region. Depending on the features you use, you may be asked for additional information. A Worfact Health and sports account allows you to manage one or more health records, such as what you have created for yourself and your students. You can add data to a health register that you manage at any time, or you can delete data from the record.

Sharing Health Data. Ensuring that you can share your healthcare providers with people and services that can help you achieve your health goals is one of the key features of Worfact Health and Sport. You are the record holder of the records you created by default. Record holders have the highest level of access to health records. As a record holder, you can share a health record with another person by sending an invitation email via Worfact Health & Sports. You can specify what kind of access they will have, including record access, how long they will have access, and whether they can change the record in the record. It is recommended that you be careful to provide access to your records, as inappropriate access may violate your privacy and may even prevent you from accessing your own records.

You can choose to share a particular data (or entire data) on a health record with other services. Unless an authorised user gives access to Worfact Health and Sport, the services will not be accessible to you via Worfact Health and Sport. Worfact Allows you to control access by accepting or rejecting health and sports entities. For each service that is granted access, you can choose which health information in a particular health record will be shared and what actions the services will perform with health information.

A service that you authorise for a registration will learn your full name associated with your Worfact Health and Sports account, the nicknames of the authoritative registrations or registrations, and the relationship with that record. You will continue to have access through Worfact Health and Sport until you lift your leave. In the event that Microsoft does not fulfil its privacy promises, Infoart may prevent a service from accessing Worfact Health and Sport. In contrast, Worfact will not monitor such services except to prevent access to health and sports services, which may change privacy practices.

Access and controls. You may review, edit or delete the data of your Worfact Health and Sports Account, at any time you may close your Worfact Health and Sports Account. Only those who record can permanently delete an item. When you delete a health record, the record is deleted from all users who have access.

If you close your Worfact Health and Sports Account, we will delete all records that you are the only record holder. If you are sharing recorder access for a record, you can decide whether to delete the record. Infoart will wait a limited period of time before permanently deleting your data to help prevent accidental or abusive deletion of your health records.

Worfact Health and Sport maintains the entire history of any access, modification or deletion by users and services, including the date, action and name of the person or service. Record holders may review the history of such records.

E-Mail Communications. You will receive an e-mail address with your Worfact Health and Sports account to send you an e-mail asking you to confirm your e-mail, to send you Worfact Health and sports sharing invitations, and to send service notices such as information on Worfact Health and Sports records.

Worfact Health and Sports regularly sends out newsletters to keep you informed of the latest improvements. Worfact Health and Sports also regularly sends you an email summarising your last account activity. Depending on your communication preferences, we also use your email addresses to send you promotional emails. You can stop receiving these emails at any time.