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Digital Transformation Consultancy

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Data transfer beyond 2GB/month

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Call center activities

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Email marketing

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SMS integration

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IYS integration

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Personal Data Prtoection Authority

Some References

Bilkent Holding

OryxRM Enterprise empowered Sports International to elevate their business operations, ensuring data security, seamless integration with existing systems like SAP and their website, GDPR (KVKK) compliance, and customized development using Django, JavaScript, and MySQL. The comprehensive features of OryxRM Enterprise played a pivotal role in shaping a success story for Bilkent Holding - Sports International. details

HBZ Holding

The integration of OryxRM Enterprise into HBZ Holding's operations signifies a commitment to precision, efficiency, and digital innovation. By addressing specific challenges in stock control, vehicle tracking, work orders, order approval, and reporting, OryxRM Enterprise has become a transformative force, empowering HBZ Holding to achieve operational excellence in the ever-evolving business landscape. details

Turquoise Yachts

The adoption of PACS ( Personal Attendence Control System ) by Turquoise Yacht signifies a transformative step towards precision, efficiency, and modern workforce management. This comprehensive software solution not only addresses the specific challenges Turquoise Yacht faced in attendance tracking but also sets the stage for a future where workforce management is a strategic advantage. details